Paintball for kids in Wroclaw


Gotcha is recomended for kids from 7 y. old and its light and less painful version of traditional paintball.

Paintball for kids in Wroclaw ? Only Paintball GOTCHA at Citypaintball
Instructor can run the game in english or polish language.

Perfect idea for kids birthdays

Gotcha is perfect activity for kids birthdays in Wroclaw. Play safely outdoor with big shot of adrenaline.

Paintball for children

Safe for children from 7 years old. Great paintball fun. Amazing emotions and scenarios.

Painless fun

Gotcha is paintball for children. Light paintball guns with reduced impact. Smaller caliber paintballs. Protective masks for everyone. Camo protective jacket.

Professional organization

We provide great scenarios. Training and service of an instructor, a judge. The facility has been operating since 2008. Professionally prepared and sheltered.

Perfect localisation

We are located at the AWF Olympic Stadium. An ideal place in the city center (10 min from the mainsquare)

Party / birthday packages available


770 zł

  • Package for group up to 10 people
  • Paintball gun, mask, jacket
  • 100 paintballs/p.p.
  • Full animation / organisation
  • Duration up to 1,5h.
  • Group photo
  • Seats and sheltering
  • Cost of extra person is 60zł


880 zł

  • Package for group up to 10 people
  • Paintball gun, mask, jacket
  • 200 paintballs/p.p.
  • Full animation / organisation
  • Duration up to 2h.
  • Group photo
  • Seats and sheltering
  • Cost of extra person is 78zł


990 zł

  • Package for group up to 10 people
  • Paintball gun, mask, jacket
  • 300 paintballs/p.p.
  • Full animation / organisation
  • Duration up to 2,5h.
  • Group photo
  • Seats and sheltering
  • Cost of extra person is 90zł

The cost of an additional 500 paintballs – PLN 150


Avaible arenas

Military grounds

Arena in a military theme

Speedball Arena

Field with inflatable obstacles

Forest zone

Jungle arena in forest

Choosing the ALPHA package allows you to play in 1 arena. Choosing the BRAVO or CHARLIE package gives you the opportunity to run the game in two arenas.

Paintball for children at its best!

GOTCHA Paintaball for children

Gotcha  – is a special system of rifles with reduced firing power, paintballs with a smaller caliber than traditional ones, and safe protective masks. Markers (carabiners) shoot in a single system. The fun takes place on a smaller area than in paintball.

This system is intended for children from the age of 7, it is a more delicate version of standard paintball.

Paintball Park CityPaintball

Paintball GOTCHA



Located in the city center on the premises of the AWF Olympic Stadium. The area has a resting area, a net protected playing area, toilet, catering facilities and parking.


al. Ignacego Paderewskiego 35
51-612 Wrocław
Olympic Stadium AWF

Getting to us


9, 17, 33+


115, 118, 145

Game photos

Get to know the Gotcha player equipment


Markers – paintball guns used in our facility are ideally suited for younger participants. They are light and shoot like a shotgun (after each shot you need to manually reload). They have reduced shot power and are very handy.


Masks – an inseparable protective part. Excellent original paintball masks. Non-steaming goggles with color separating teams. Perfect protection and comfort. One of the most important parts of the inventory.


Paintballs – reduced caliber 0.5 inch (standard paintball is 0.68), provides super paint splats with reduced impact force. Colorful fillings give a lot of joy with hits.

Camouflage jackets

Jackets camouflaging players, as well as providing protection against impact. Perfect protection against getting your own clothes dirty. Provide an effective look during the game!

The best gift for a child

We organized a son’s birthday (8y old), the group jumped for joy the day after the party. Everyone tired, run out but happy! Parents finally could sit down calmly because the organizer took care of the children;))

Michał J.

On open air !

Great and unforgettable fun! We will definitely be back. I heartily recommend! 🙂 Also a big thank you to the nice instructor!

Marta K.

Amazing !

The idea for the scenarios is a hit … A very good, great fun. I encourage everyone to try because the memories of the participants are wonderful.

Natalia M.

Frequently Asked Questions

Of course, our Paintball Park has a large recreation area. We offer benches with roofing.

We have a fridge on site, you can leave a cake in it, and bring the rest of the snacks so that the participants eat or drink during breaks in the game. After the game, you can order pizzas or bring your own meal.

We provide you with seating under the roof. All accessories such as cutlery, plates, cups are on the side of the customer.

After the game, you can stay in the recreation area for an additional hour.

Reserve event

For children 7-12 years old.


Najlepszy paintball we Wrocławiu


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Najlepszy paintball we Wrocławiu